Roberta Road Middle School Opens to 950 Students

In Cabarrus County, a brand-new school has opened its doors to students for the new school year. Roberta Road Middle School was built for 1200 students but will welcome about 950 on the first day of school for the 2022-2023 school year. Roberta Road, home of the Raptors will be the site of the district’s first middle school with Mandarin and Spanish Immersion programs. It will be part of the Participate Learning Global Leaders Framework. The Raptor Family motto is “Work Hard. Grow Together. Change the World.”

Jeff Phillips of our geotechnical department at CESI had the opportunity today to present Kristy Bullock, Principal of the new Roberta Road Middle School a good luck horseshoe he found when doing work on the site. The horseshoe most likely came from a small horse or pony from 1900 – 1920s at the site. A farmer who owned the land has old photos of the farm and Principal Bullock is planning to combine the photos with the horseshow in a display at the school.

The 1200-student school, designed by Concord’s Yates Chreitzberg Hughes Architects and delivered by Construction Manager-at-Risk firm Shelco, LLC, features 190,000 square feet of administrative, dining, arts, media, athletics, and classroom space.

CESI provided due diligence services for Roberta Road. Phase 1

Environmental Site Assessment services, wetland delineation services, and preliminary geotechnical engineering evaluation services were provided prior to land acquisition. Once the site was acquired, CESI provided extensive geotechnical services to determine the presence of unsuitable FAT CLAY (CH) soils and hard rock.

The information acquired during the geotechnical evaluation allowed the design team to optimize site development and facilitate horizontal and vertical placement of the main building structure. Site development challenges such as the presence of unstable soils, groundwater, and hard rock were promptly addressed by the CESI team once encountered.