Client: Concord Rotary Club – Contractor: CM Black – 2015

Concord Rotary Square is a welcoming, open space at the intersection of Union Street and Corban Avenue that provides a place for recreation, encourages economic development, and enhances the surrounding community.

Developed by Concord Rotary Club, the Square & Market brings artisans, local farmers, residents, and visitors together as never before – providing easy access to locally-grown produce and exciting opportunities for entertainment and cultural exchange.

Designed to dovetail into Concord’s popular Greenway Loop, Rotary Square & Market features gardens, a plaza area, market stalls, and a splash-pad in an open, green setting.

CESI provided conceptual grading plans, boundary and topographic surveys, geotechnical soil investigations, civil engineering site plans including water and sanitary sewer utilities and stormwater analysis, construction materials testing, and as-builts for the Concord Rotary Square.


Additional Project Info

Boundary Surveys
Soil Investigations
Water and Sanitary Sewer Utilities
Storm Water Analysis
Conceptual Grading Plans
Construction Materials Testing
As-built Surveying