At CESI we strive to provide quality professional services for our clients, from project conception to completion, that seek to minimize change orders and preserve the integrity of the construction budget.


CESI is committed to providing professional and relationship-based surveying services through investing in innovative solutions and exceptional surveying services. Our teams are trained and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure our clients receive the highest quality survey.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality surveys by investing in and training forward-thinking employees. We are committed to professionalism and creativity by utilizing advanced technology and leading-edge equipment. Our focus is on ensuring our clients receive a quality survey with high levels of accuracy and attention to detail.

Surveying Teams offer a variety of surveying services, including Boundary and Topographic Surveys, Construction Staking, and As-Built Surveys. They use Conventional and GPS equipment, as well as a Drone equipped with LiDAR capabilities. Our drone team is led by an FAA Part 107 certified pilot who is also a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.


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Civil Engineering

CESI offers professional civil engineering services across the Southeast and in Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. Projects are typically permitted with several state and federal agencies including US Army Corps of Engineers, state environmental and water quality agencies, state transportation departments, at the county level, and any additional local or municipal jurisdictions.

CESI’s experienced civil engineering staff and leadership pay attention to the client’s economic interest while remaining focused on the details that affect constructability. CESI takes pride in coordinating client goals with community requirements in order to provide cost effective, engineering solutions.

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During the purchasing, planning, or design phase of a construction project, unanticipated subsurface site conditions are a major liability. Our geotechnical engineering staff evaluates complex soil, bedrock, and groundwater problems using their technical expertise to provide affordable solutions.

CESI’s geotechnical engineering leadership team strives to see projects through the client’s perspective. Performing proper geotechnical and environmental due diligence eliminates surprises and leads to successful project outcomes.


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Environmental Services

Due diligence services performed by CESI personnel can drastically reduce client financial exposure prior to a real estate transaction. Our findings are presented in concise and understandable language that accurately conveys our assessment of site conditions to the client.


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Construction Materials Testing

CESI’s materials technicians are extensively trained to perform the required protocols for testing, evaluating, and monitoring materials during the construction process. Large projects require extensive planning, design and execution; CESI has the resources required to provide our clients with accurate and reliable test results.




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